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Here’s why 2019 will ‘make real waves’ for Aussie small businesses

Is 2019 shaping up to be a repeat of last on the key issues for small businesses, such as late payments, access to capital and digital processes?

It doesn’t seem likely; 2018 put some changes in motion that can make real waves this year. Here are some initiatives set to shift the small business landscape across Australia.

7 successful Australian executives share their business predictions for 2019

January gives business leaders a fresh start to search for new opportunities for growth and success.nnIt’s also a prime opportunity to look ahead and start planning for further down the track.

With that in mind we asked seven successful Australian executives what they expect to see out of 2019.nnTheir answers are insightful and may guide you in some of the 2019 planning you may be executing right now.nnHere’s what they had to say.

Warnings to SMEs seeking finance

An insolvency firm is warning brokers that small business owners looking for finance are becoming more and more likely to break the law.

The group, Jirsch Sutherland, said with the property downturn and possible negative gearing changes, directors need to be protected by Safe Harbour regulations.

Productivity Commission super report: ‘Open superannuation’ coming soon

The Productivity Commission says open banking should be extended to the superannuation sector and super funds should be able to get consumer data from banks and other super funds.

The Productivity Commission​ is recommending super funds to become accredited so they are eligible to receive consumer data from banks and other super funds.

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