News Pulse for July 19, 2017

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The big O a reason for celebration at Xero

The champagne corks popped in the offices of online accounting software provider Xero this year when it finally cracked the magic number zero.

After 10 years of losses, shareholders in the Wellington, New Zealand headquartered firm were cheering when the company published a chart showing profit margins had risen from minus 40 per cent in 2015 to just above the zero per cent mark.

Medicare details sold by cyber criminals

Modern governments use a lot of data. A lot.

Our social services are organised by massive databases. Health, welfare, education and the pension all require reams of information about identity, social needs, eligibility, and entitlement.

Our infrastructure is managed by massive databases holding information about traffic flows, public transport usage, communications networks, and population flows.

Our security is maintained by complex information systems managing defence assets, intelligence data, and capabilities and deployment information

Bro-culture is insidious in start-up world, and it keeps women on the outer

Australian CEO and founder of the StartUp Foundation, Daniel Mumby, who calls himself “That Start Up Guy”, has some advice for the “ladies”.

The reason we’re not as successful as men in business is because we are full of excuses.

Uber surge pricing to be capped in Victoria after Metro chaos

Exorbitant fares on Uber during major traffic incidents and public transport delays could be stamped out by new Victorian laws, the Andrews Government has declared.

Uber users were left angry last Thursday when fares were much higher than usual, during Melbourne’s train network shut down during the evening rush hour.

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