News Pulse for June 13, 2017

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Split the bill with SA’s Partipay

Partipay said Ms Curtis, a senior project manager in her day job, is a tech start-up to make it hassle free to collect money from friends and colleagues contributing towards a shared event or fundraiser.

Group Lotto tickets, a sponsored run or money towards a work leaving present can all be undermined by the missing contributions when the cash is totted up. This way, no one person will be left holding the baby goes the thinking.

Start-ups say Finkel review favours incumbents over innovators

Start-up entrepreneurs have complained Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s blueprint for reform of Australia’s energy market is set up to suit the interests of incumbents rather than innovators, saying it lacks any compulsion for retailers to give consumers access to their energy data and underplays the role of home owner generation.

Mr Finkel’s report , released on Friday, estimates that rooftop solar panels will account for 11 per cent of Australia’s total power generation by 2050, well below CSIRO estimates of 50 per cent.

ATO’s employer obligations compliance activities under review

The Inspector-General of Taxation ( IGT ), Ali Noroozi, has released his report into the Australian Taxation Office’s ( ATO Australian Taxation Office ) employer obligations compliance activities. While the review process initially arose from concerns about the uncertainty surrounding the employee/contractor distinction, the IGT ultimately treated the Report as an opportunity to conduct a comprehensive review of ATO Australian Taxation Office compliance activities in respect of employer obligations.

The Report, which was handed to the Government on 2 December 2016 and released to the public on 24 May 2017, also reviews changes implemented by the ATO Australian Taxation Office following the Commonwealth Government’s policy on reducing red tape for small businesses and identifies further opportunities for reducing compliance burden and costs of employers.

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