News Pulse for December 8, 2016

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Progressive SMBs support job sharing to boost retention, says founder of OneJob TwoMinds

Smart organisations are always looking for ways to retain their top talent – and job sharing is an excellent (albeit, little understood) retention strategy, especially when it comes to career-minded women, Endi Frydman, founder of OneJob TwoMinds told Dynamic Business.

For those unfamiliar with the concept of job sharing, it’s where a company employs two people on a part-time basis in a single position, with the responsibilities of the role split between both. Job share partners typically work three days per week including a hand over day.

Robots will never replace accountants – here’s why

It’s an interesting time to be a bookkeeper and an accountant. Australia’s economic reform is focused on being a prominent player in the world of innovation, the working class is changing global politics, and news articles debate whether robots can uproot our jobs.

In fact, the latest report from CEDACEDA - Committee for Economic Development of Australia states that, “More than five million jobs, almost 40 per cent of Australian jobs that exist today, have a moderate to high likelihood of disappearing in the next 10 to 15 years, due to technological advancements”.

This is how to talk about innovation, Malcolm

Australia is undergoing a seismic transformation.

The digital economy will so fundamentally change how we work and live that the Australia of tomorrow will likely bear little resemblance to that we now know.nnAnd as any good management consultant will tell you, a successful transformation comprises two parts: a well-designed and executed plan, and outstanding communication.

Polls highlight bosses’ juggling act

ONE in two business owners say there is no such thing as work-life balance and 40 per cent say they have little social life.

As Christmas looms, two surveys paint very different pictures of the demands of business on family life.

Start-up women gain $1m

A $1 million program targeted at female entrepreneurs has been launched to shake up the start-up sector to change its image as one dominated by “blokes in hoodies and sneakers”.

Start-up accelerator Blue­Chilli, with the support of GSK Australia, has created SheStarts, a national accelerator program and campaign to turbocharge female leadership in the start-up economy.

Sunny outlook for start-ups

The Australian start-up sector is looking to build on the flurry of incentives being thrown its way from federal and state governments, with new research released by venture capital firm Tank Stream Ventures highlighting a distinct optimism from the sector as it enters 2017.

The industry-wide survey, launched in November, was designed to provide an ongoing snapshot of business conditions for the start-up sector and Tank Stream’s CEO Bradley Delamare said that while the results paint a positive picture there are few areas that could do with some fine tuning.

Joint doorstop at Sydney Fish Markets

This is the real talent here, the entrepreneurs. Greg and I are delighted to be here in front of one of the small businesses that our Innovation Agenda has been able to help through its support, which is being delivered to YourGrocer.

Nick, who owns this business, made the point that in business, you innovate or you die. Innovation is the key. There he is. Come on Nick, you said it so well. He said: “innovate or die”. What he is doing is he is building the security of his business by innovation and by finding new avenues to sell his wonderful produce, his wonderful food that we see behind us.

Mortgage franchise partners with leading fintech

Leading mortgage franchise Mortgage Choice has announced it has teamed up with online SME lender, Prospa.

“We are very excited to announce that we have partnered with Prospa to help us deliver a broader range of commercial lending and cash flow financing solutions to our customers,” Mortgage Choice’s general manager of product Emma Dupont-Brown said.

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