News Pulse for August 22, 2016

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Melbourne tech giant Envato celebrates its 10th birthday with a new $1 billion goal

When Cyan Ta’eed and her partner Collis launched Envato Australian Taxation Office in 2006, iPhones and Facebook weren’t around yet and startups were virtually unheard of in Australia.

“Back when we started and we said we were launching an online business, people would say ‘what?’” Ta’eed tells StartupSmart.

Survey Shows Aussie Small Businesses Misunderstand Marketing

A recent survey of Australian small business owners has revealed that nearly half want to know how to use marketing to generate new leads, while almost a third are most concerned with attracting clients and marketing their business.

The survey, conducted by marketing education company BasicAustralian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is Australia’s corporate, markets and financial services regulator. Bananas, found that small business owners simply don’t understand the power of marketing, with 43 per cent admitting that they would like to know how to use marketing to generate new leads for their business, over and above mastering social media (12 per cent), online and digital marketing (9 per cent) and SEO (2 per cent).

Disrupted businesses are struggling in the valley of death

Corporate leaders are facing the same valley of death faced by many startups, judging by the latest round of financial results. These large Australian businesses are operating in markets disrupted by new technology and changing business models.

RegTech tops FinTech for innovation opportunities

The ‘RegTech’ market — technology driven by new government regulation — provides greater opportunity for IT start-ups than FinTech and other digital disruptor markets, according to senior banking figure Don Sharp.

Sharp, the former co-founder of financial advice business Bridges Financial Services and holder of global patents for payments technology software Payment Adviser, said the greatest financial innovations over the past several decades have not come from within the industry.

MYOB uses virtual reality to welcome recruits

New employees are being immersed in their workplace even without stepping a foot inside the office, with a software giant using virtual reality technology to welcome staff.

Before starting, recruits are given a pair of virtual reality goggles to watch a short video that takes them on a tour of the Melbourne office, including stepping into a boardroom meeting.

Winners Of Global Disruptive Technology Awards Announced Following Live Pitch Event

Dynamic Business wishes to congratulate the start-ups, SMEs and entrepreneurs whose disruptive technology solutions wowed judges, including Steve Wozniak, at the grand final event of the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards , held in Sydney last night.

The global technology event – an initiative of IT recruitment agency, Talent International – saw five entrants from the Asia Pacific region go head-to-head with five from the UK and Europe in a live pitching contest in front of a crowd of 250 people.

Victorians face ‘trip tax’ to compensate taxi drivers as government prepares to give Uber the green light

Victorians could be slugged a $1-a-trip tax in taxis, hire cars and ride-sharing vehicles, as the state government tries to compensate existing taxi owners for the business they have lost to Uber.

Taxis will be able to set their own fares in Melbourne, Uber will be legalised and customers will be given fare estimates prior to booking, under proposed state government reforms designed to level the playing field.

How $8 billion Australian tech giant Atlassian stays ahead of the pack: “We build to where the world is going”

Australian startup success story Atlassian has introduced a new group video conferencing tool to its flagship offering HipChat as it steps up the fight against rival Slack.

The $8 billion tech giant’s advantage in this competition is its core focus on innovation that comes from its vigorous startup spirit that spills across the entire workforce, HipChat general manager Steve Goldsmith says.

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