A comparison of key assumptions and outcomes over four intergenerational reports

The 2015 intergenerational report (IGR), released more than one month after the legislated timeframe in the Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998, is the fourth such report. Previous IGRs have been published in May 2002, April 2007 and January 2010.
The basis for conducting such an analysis is the principle of intergenerational equity—that actions benefiting current generations should not compromise future generations.
The purpose of the IGR is to examine the impact of population ageing on the Commonwealth’s financial position while holding the expenditure policy settings unchanged over a 40-year timeframe. All of the analysis is largely on the expenditure side, with this IGR—as well as previous IGRs—assuming that revenue as a share of GDP remains constant over the period extending beyond the most recent budget forward estimatesThe forward estimates are the estimated financial statement projections for the four years following a budget (the budget year and the three out years after the budget year). period.


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