Australian Election Timetable


Elections Timetable

JurisdictionDateFixed or Latest
Tasmanian Legislative Council2 May 2017Periodic*
Northern Territory29 August 2020Fixed
Australian Capital Territory17 October 2020Fixed
Commonwealth (Simultaneous half-Senate and House of Representatives)18 May 2019Latest
Commonwealth (House of Representatives only)2 November 2019Latest
Commonwealth (half-Senate)18 May 2019Latest
Commonwealth (Double dissolution)4 May 2019Latest
Western Australia11 March 2017Fixed
Queensland10 February 2018Latest
South Australia17 March 2018Fixed
Tasmanian House of Assembly24 March 2018Latest

*Elections are conducted on a 6 year periodic cycle. Elections for 3 members are held in May one year, with elections for 2 members held in May the following year and so on. Each elector may only have one opportunity to vote in Legislative Council elections once every 6 years.