News Pulse for November 11, 2016

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Xmas Day pay rates Victoria: State backflips on public holiday decision

CHRISTMAS Day workers look set to get a boost to their pay this year after the Andrews Government signalled it would backflip on a decision to reject another public holiday.

Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, but is not declared a public holiday meaning workers are only entitled to Sunday rates of pay.

Small Business Minister Philip Dalidakis said early this week he was standing firm on a decision not to add another holiday to Victoria’s calendar, and was applauded by the business community.

ACCC clamps down on unfair contracts

Up to two million Australian small businesses will receive greater protection from unfair contract terms from this Saturday onward, with the competition regulator’s engagement with major companies — including Australia Post — driving changes in the lead-up.

The new rules come into force after research has shown almost two-thirds of small businesses have been on the receiving end of unreasonable terms and conditions in contracts they have signed.

Ebay with a twist: How this startup is working to change the stats on gender equality

With Australia’s gross domestic product projected to jump by 11.3% if the gender gap was to be closed, a Sydney startup is taking charge to make this happen.

Femeconomy founders Jade Collins and Alanna Bastin-Byrne quit their corporate careers to launch a startup for gender equality after hearing a statistic that sparked an a-ha moment.

The platform currently links consumers to the websites and online stores of a wide range of businesses selling everything from cars, electronics and insurance products, through to homewears and clothing.


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